There are many ways for companies to gain attention, but it's often best if the marketing campaign they're using is associated with a charitable cause or adds value. For example, by donating a certain amount of proceeds to charity or sponsoring a community outreach program, companies not only help increase brand awareness, but formulate the base for their small business internet marketing campaign.

According to iMedia Connection, these "Do Good" campaigns will be a major area of focus for small business internet marketing in the upcoming year. Nike has consistently been a champion of this type of campaign. Most recently, the company created a series of viral videos with the running theme being called "Find Your Greatness."

The videos, which came out during the London Olympics, focus on how athletes and individuals who may not be Olympic caliber but still enjoy an active lifestyle can find their own greatness through exercise and sport. The ads deal with issues as large as weight loss or as small as going off the 10-meter high dive for the first time.

These Do Good campaigns are excellent ways for companies to not only garner a positive, social reputation, but also increase customer loyalty by promoting a good cause. Small businesses can use this theme for targeted internet marketing campaigns, which can focus on more regional specific issues. For example, companies that are located on the East Coast can donate a certain percentage of proceeds to Hurricane Sandy relief funds and create a marketing campaign focusing on this charitable cause.