Marketing is about reaching customers and converting leads. Whether its through traditional art and copy advertising or cutting-edge digital media engagement, the higher the amount of consumers impacted by a small business internet marketing campaign the better. That being said, social media has become a major player in the targeted internet marketing landscape despite many brands not knowing how to effectively use it.

One way that’s been incredibly popular has been creating brand pages on Facebook, the major social media platform that supports nearly 800 million users. While these pages may be effective for introducing a product to a wide range of consumers, many have found them less than exemplary for marketing, such as Napkin Labs, a software development company, which recently created a redesign of the Facebook brand page into a Facebook Fan Center.

Napkin Labs’ Fan Center works by letting brands create and share content through their internet marketing campaigns as well as aggregating the ideas, pictures and other forms of content that the fans may have created and shared in a more succinct and aesthetically pleasing way then the standard Facebook page.

This allows the company to be more engaged with their fans and customer base, which can facilitate for better product development and customer relations.

“Facebook has become a powerful storytelling platform for brands, but the voice of the customers gets easily lost,” said Napkin Labs CEO Riley Gibson in a press release. “Using Fan Center, brands can host pro-active conversations to capture ideas, feedback and stories straight from fans – plus see and reward their biggest fans’ interactions on Facebook.”

Regardless of the method of engagement, involving customers and fans into a small business marketing campaign has become crucial in the digital age. Along with well-placed banner advertisements and high-ranking Google AdWords, using social media is now a staple of internet marketing.