In a recent post, we discussed that the number of email users is predicted to increase annually for the foreseeable future. The good news about this is that small businesses can and should continue to engage in targeted email campaigns. The bad news (if you really want to call it that) is that email users are moving away from their desktops and reading messages on their mobile devices. 

According to an August 2013 comScore report, 145 million Americans own smartphones and for most of those users, checking their email is the top activity. What does all of this information mean for the small business owner? Your emails are optimized to be opened in mobile web browsers, so you're in the clear, right? Part of your job is done, but definitely not all of it. 

A new infographic from email analytics service Litmus explored where exactly users are opening their messages. An in-depth analysis of mobile email use showed that web browsers are not the go-to location for checking email on smartphones and tablets. Individuals who use free email services like Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail often use their smartphone's native mail app to consolidate all of their messages. 

Depending on your client base, the increased use of native mail applications may actually make your job of designing effective emails a bit easier. You should remember, however, that the placement of images and content is just as important as keeping your message relevant. 

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