Industry:  Manufacturing

Client: National engine manufacture.

Objective: Generate product awareness and benefits to small engine dealers and lawn care professionals by driving a large volume of traffic to their website and adding qualifiers to increase time on the site and pages per visit to ensure qualified visitors.


  • Facing multiple B2B audience channels.
  • Marketing component products.
  • Confusion with consumer products.
  • Technical obstacles while tracking conversions.


A 30-day test run of the client’s campaign to analyze performance and discover the best keywords, optimize the best performing ad copy and optimize site links.

Additional optimizations include:

  • Create Mobile Ads
  • Dayparting
  • Add and test Site link extensions and phone extensions
  • Included ads with dynamic keyword insertions
  • Variation of matching types
  • Optimize Geotargeting

Campaign Results

After testing different keywords and ad copy for the first two months, we found that our approach increased the CTR above the industry average of 1%. We finished with an overall CTR of 5.42%, which is extremely rare.

  • Bounce Rate: 25.55% – Better than Organic and Direct Traffic
  • Pages / Session: 4.51 – Higher than Organic and Direct Traffic
  • Session Duration: 3.10 min – Higher than Organic and Direct Traffic
  • Conversion Rate: 28.09% (Find a Dealer page, Visit a partner page or go to Engines page)
  • Auction Insights: #1 in the Industry by far! (Monopoly)




KeyMedia Solutions


Bounce Rate

37.95% 25.55% -32.70%


3.33 4.51


Avg. Session Duration

2.50 3.1