In February of this year, Google announced that there would be a new set of requirements for Agencies to partner with Google. These changes were scheduled to go into effect in June of 2020. However, no one saw the coronavirus coming or the toll it would take on the marketing world.  In light of this, Google announced they’ll be delaying the launch of the program until 2021. Here are some of the changes that were scheduled to take place and are expected next year:

                1. Advertisers will be required to have an Optimization score provided by Google’s AI, of 70% on average. These recommendations include everything from creating new ads and keywords to changing your bidding strategy.
                2. You must have a minimum Google Ad Spend of $20,000 in the last 90 days.
                3. At least 50% of the users connected to your account must maintain current Google Ads Certifications in Search, Display, Video, and Shopping.

Google concluded that it would be too difficult for advertisers to meet the new Google Partners Program requirements by the June 2020 timeline in the climate of Coronavirus. With the impact of the virus-crisis on the economy, many businesses are pulling back their marketing budgets, even though communicating with your customers is more important than ever. Businesses must understand that it is crucial to shift their marketing along with how they operate during this pandemic.

At KeyMedia Solutions, we don’t recommend completely cutting your advertisements or freezing your marketing efforts. However, we do feel this situation presents an opportunity to revise your strategy and refresh your messaging. For businesses to survive, they must effectively communicate with their customers and let them know how they are changing business operations to meet the moment.  Now is the time for businesses to optimize their online presence and put every ad dollar to work.

KeyMedia Solutions is devoted to helping your business. We are here to serve as a reliable source for the latest developments in digital marketing and offer customized solutions to ensure your survival now, and continued success beyond this crisis.  We are experts at solving marketing challenges with result-driven strategies.  Let our innovative team help design your plan for marketing success, contact us today!