This blog has discussed how small businesses can capitalize on their targeted internet marketing campaigns during this holiday season by adjusting to the rising use of mobile devices and seasonal keywords, but while these tips may help with immediate results, they may not be a sustainable way to conduct a small business internet marketing campaign.

iMedia Connection reports that, in order to create a successful year-round campaign, businesses should use an abundance of different forms of media, which can be critical to the success of digital advertising campaign. As the internet evolves, marketing platforms and opportunities will expand, as well. By being able to reach customers on not only search engines, but also social media, video sites and now mobile devices, companies can ensure that they will never be forgotten.

Furthermore, while internet marketing may, at its core, be about improving sales and bottom line performance, the road to get there is often through developing relationships with customers, according to the source. Whether it's through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or an email marketing list, companies can get ahead of competitors by developing deeper relationships with consumers, which will put them into the top spot on priority lists.

While these may be great ways to engage and attract internet users, one of the most important things any company can do after an internet marketing campaign is to evaluate their ROI. Without gaining a return, the campaign wasn't quite as successful as it could have been – regardless of how many leads were generated.