An online marketing campaign isn't quite complete without the use of Facebook. As it's the most popular social networking site on the internet, businesses are more likely to connect with their customers on Facebook than anywhere else on the Web. That being said, there are new updates on the now-public social media site that may benefit companies, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Administrative roles are now available on Facebook's business pages, allowing internet advertising agencies that have partnered with small businesses to manage their Facebook pages. This feature allows the companies being represented to spend more of their valuable time on running an excellent business that backs up the digital advertising campaigns.

Also, Facebook has added a tool where administrators of a page can schedule when their updates will be shared. This has historically been done through installing a third-party app, but that has since been integrated into the social network's operating system. According to Entrepreneur, posts can be scheduled for up to six months in advance.

In addition, if there are any posts that companies want to be promoted by Facebook, that service is now available. The fee for a promoted post is only $5. Although this seems like a great way to garner more attention for posts that a company deems to be very important – ones listing new product information or sales – it is not available to all. Only pages that have 400 likes or more are eligible to promote posts.

With these new features, companies now have a much more efficient and user-friendly way of establishing their voice on Facebook. This can be a great opportunity for small business internet marketing campaigns.