Producing ad creative is no easy task. It is subjective and our audiences are becoming more selective on what they spend their time on. There is a lot of pressure to create something mind-boggling to stand out above the competition. To add to the pressure, even if the ad gets noticed, in a week to six weeks, depending on the platform and reach, ad fatigue starts setting in affecting campaign results. Then the requests for new creative start coming in. Those requests can be met with crickets because the process must start all over again or there may not be the time or budget for anything new.  All of that can be overwhelming.


It doesn’t have to be overwhelming though. It can be as easy as a change in the background color. Test. If you had a .gif or HTML5 ad featuring several solutions you offer, create some single solution static options for rotation. Test. Rotate some :06-second videos with some long form. Test.  That creative you started with, bring it back. It may have a shorter life the second time, but it can help stretch your budget and your time. Test. Sure, would new super fabulous innovative creative every two to six weeks work the best, probably.  Unfortunately, few of us have the luxury of the budgets that would require.


Creative doesn’t have to be mind boggling every time to be engaging. Write out your creative calendar for the next 6 month or year. Figure out how many times you can spend on great creative then fill in with simple changes and repurposing.  I know that doesn’t sound very innovative but sometimes while we are figuring out how to be innovative, we can be missing out on the smaller but still impactful opportunities to reach our audience.