The 48-Hour Film Project that recently took place in Denver might not seem like it relates to advertising, but Forbes contributor Heather Hansen makes an interesting case. According to her, the experience of creating a seven minute film in two days taught her just how important a well-planned, creative and unique marketing campaign can be.

Hansen explained that to get a genuine audience reaction, it's necessary to develop something that is unexpected but relatable. In terms of local online advertising, this is especially important, as customers in different areas will likely respond differently to varied ads. Knowing this and tailoring your campaign to capture your audience will likely increase your customer retention.

According to a recent Entrepreneur Magazine article, customer retention is crucial to an organization's long-term success. Consumers must feel as if a business is making efforts to positively engage with them, otherwise they could choose to invest in a competitor's product or services.

"Users often leave web pages within 10 to 20 seconds, but pages with clear and relevant value propositions can hold people's attention for much longer," the article explained. "Relevancy is key, and that is where personalization comes in."

For example, customers will appreciate and positively respond to a company when their user experience is personalized from their first website visit onward. Engagement will be better when a company is also able to alter its offerings based on consumers' behavior. 

Working with Key Media Solutions can help businesses develop these strategies, and ensure that well-targeted marketing campaigns are created, drawing in customers so that long-lasting relationships are able to form.