Whether its small business internet marketing or major corporation brand strategy, the same rules tend to apply for customer engagement: experience, entice and engage. According to Entrepreneur, there are a few ways that internet advertising agencies can help accomplish that for their clients.

The first thing companies must do is create a "wow!" experience, says the source. This is, essentially, an experience or instance that impresses customers by going beyond the normal requirements. For example, a consulting practice can send clients small gifts or thank you cards for their business. A retail shop can personally deliver goods to regular customers. For internet marketing, this can be done by offering a live chat with founders or owners via Twitter or offering a social media only benefit or discount.

Secondly, companies will need to entice their customers to remain in touch with them. Businesses can ask customers to like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. But, when doing so, businesses must offer something in return for attention. By posting informational articles and resources on social media, using a Facebook invitation as the only way to access a special event or – as mentioned – a social media discount, customers will feel rewarded for their attention as well.

And thirdly, by consistently engaging customers, companies are sure to build great relationships that will keep them coming back for more. This can most easily be done with social media, as this is what the various platforms were built for – connection. Companies can post questions on Facebook or Twitter for customers to answer – questions that make them feel as if they played a part in the business. Entrepreneur says a fill in the blank discussion is a great way to utilize a Facebook status update, much like "I prefer that customers ____ when conducting internet marketing." Or just by simply sharing useful information, companies can keep their customers engaged and active.