Forbes Insights and Wipro Limited recently released a study demonstrating the importance of digital marketing. Sixty-five percent of executives reported that their companies needed to increase their use of digital technology to improve marketing, Forbes reports. Sixty-one percent also reported that their companies could increase the effectiveness of product development and logistics through boosting digital marketing. 

The report, "The Race Is On: Keeping Pace with Consumer Goods Leaders in Digital Marketing and Technology," involved surveying 125 C-level executives from major global consumer goods companies across the world. 

Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer and head of the CMO Practice for Forbes Media, emphasized: "This study shows that many companies still have a long way to go to realize the full potential of digital marketing." He explains that, while certain companies have taken the lead in improving their marketing efforts, others need to similarly take these leaps or "risk falling behind."

Hiral Chandrana, VP & Global Business Head, Consumer Goods, Wipro Limited, spoke to how companies need to incorporate a number of digital technologies and at the same time integrate their website, mobile and social media strategies. They also need to consider data privacy and security strategies, as well as omni-channel and analytics. These technologies have the power to optimize sales and marketing and therefore are critical. 

Emphasizing the importance of digital technology, Chandrana said: "The rapid shift to digital is providing businesses, across consumer industries, with more opportunities than ever before, to connect and engage with their customers. How well businesses are able to implement digital technology has a direct impact on business results and will keep them ahead of their competitors."

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