For the most part, online banner advertising has stood the test of time. Ads have been a part of the Web since you were using Netscape Navigator. The only difference now is that targeted banner advertising often reflects a user's browser history providing ad messages relevant to the individuals interests.

A 2011 AdKeeper survey found that over two thirds of internet users don't click on banner ads because they don't want to be distracted from their current online activities. So, how does a marketer or business get more click-throughs? By sticking to the following basic principles: 

  • Keeping it simple – Flashing lights and loud colors are offensive to users and will have them quickly leaving the page altogether. An uncluttered image paired with simple but compelling text can engage the target just long enough for them to actually consider what is being presented to them. 
  • Make your call to action clear – In the age of spyware and online identity theft, people are wary of clicking on just anything. Your viewers need to be clear about why they should click on your ad, but also where this action will take them. 
  • Remember the importance of the follow through – Does your banner ad match the basic color and design scheme of your website? If not, you may want to go back to the drawing board. If a user is taken to a site that looks different than the ad, they may become suspicious or wary of your product or service. 

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