General Motors, one of the big three automakers in the United States, recently appointed a new marketing chief named Alan Batey, who will continue to move forward maintaining the company's current marketing campaigns and advertisements, says the Wall Street Journal.

This is a bold plan in light of GM's financial reports from last month – the company's vehicles sales fell 6.4 percent and its U.S. market share dropped 17.4 percent.

While GM might be able to afford to continue with the same plan, cash-strapped small businesses probably won't, in which case they should reconsider their small business internet marketing.

According to Inc., when it comes to revamping a targeted internet marketing strategy, it's critical that companies consult their website analytics before drawing conclusions about website traffic. This data is essential in determining what the effect of the current marketing campaign is creating compared to what the intent is. If the two are matching, then it's going well. If they are not, then companies may need to change their strategy before they continue.

In addition, companies must also understand their targeted demographic. As reported by this blog, not every social media platform may be for every company. An auto parts manufacturer won't do well on Pinterest, but their car-care blog may do really well on LinkedIn with tips on Twitter. It's critical that companies know exactly what sources will be the most effective when reaching their model clients. By doing so, they'll increase their chances of acquiring their desired return on investment.

Oftentimes, owners won't have time to create the best small business internet marketing campaigns they can. By partnering with an experienced online advertising agency, these companies can ensure they create a quality campaign.