The wind is blowing, moving hair freely back and forth; the smell of wild flowers giving vivid memories of trips past; the sound of water slowly moving down the hillside is pee inducing. I’m at my computer, daydreaming and trip planning.

In 2016, before I can get off the grid I need to plug into it with my best friend Google – to know where to stay, how to get there, and how long it will take. I need to research what activities I want to do. I need to know how to not get eaten by a bear. There’s a lot to learn before heading out. And here lays an opportunity for companies to educate.

I’m searching for “where to buy bear spray” and Amazon has me covered with a nicely placed ad.

I’m searching for “camping in Yellowstone” and points me in the right direction.

I’m searching for “things to do in Yellowstone” and has some suggestions.

Since making these searches, I’ve used all three websites to find additional information and products for my trip. These are just a few examples of how providing convince and education can go a long way in building trust with potential customers.

Search engines are the first place people go to when doing research. Knowing that, according to Google, “37% of travelers in the U.S. think about vacation planning once a month, and 17% think about it at least once a week.” illustrates there’s a huge incentive to having your company positioned in a place of visibility.

“[People are] asking Google questions about where to go and what to do. ‘What to do in [destination]?’ and ‘Where is [destination]?’ These are two of the top questions people type into Google about travel. These dreaming moments don’t just happen in front of a computer. They happen on phones, too. In fact, in 2015 38% of non-branded searches—like flights to Florida, cruises to the Caribbean, or hotels in Chicago—come from mobile devices.” – Google

Also being where your customers are searching is important. Google says that mobile flight-related queries on are up 33% year over year, while mobile hotel queries are up 49%. This is an opportunity to provide valuable information anywhere at any time.

The most important thing to remember is market to people how you would like to be marketed to. If you follow that rule, you’ll be able to provide value. If you want to learn more about search marketing, check out the great selection of articles here.

I’m going to Yellowstone, but before I can experience my daydream, I need my computer and Google. Oh Google, the thing of myths and facts, bringing ideas to reality, you are truly wonderful and I love you.