Consistent customer service needs to be a comprehensive aspect of small- and medium-sized companies' growth strategy. As a business, you can spend an unlimited amount of money advertising online, but once that shopper arrives at a website or storefront, it is up to the organization to deliver quality and responsive service that continuously meets consumer needs.

A recent Visa infographic shows that 71 percent of customers are happy with small businesses because those companies are able to anticipate their needs. Furthermore, 64 percent of respondents explained that smaller firms are able to predict any problems that could occur and work toward heading them off. 

In terms of business growth strategies, this is important for organizations to realize. 

Keep in mind that good customer service does not always have to happen when an individual becomes disgruntled. The report also showed that 42 percent of those surveyed purchased more after a good customer service experience.

Targeted online marketing can deliver prospective customers to your website or storefront. From there, it is important for each company to have strategy in place so that can react to consumer needs and create quality relationships that develop for the long-term.