Few can deny the fact that mobile devices have rapidly changed our society. Smartphones and tablets influence the way in which we consume content, shop and communicate with others. They've also changed how many marketers choose to advertise. 

According to Google's Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora, mobile will soon completely change the entire digital marketing landscape. 

"The desktop world took the world of advertisers from tens of thousands to a few million," Arora said at Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in San Francisco, as reported by Reuters. "I think as we go forward, that a few million becomes tens of millions as mobility becomes more relevant."

Arora predicted that the influx of new advertising will come from local small- and medium-sized businesses. The owners of these enterprises will discover how beneficial it is to reach potential customers who are on the go. 

So what can you as a small business owner do to attract this growing segment of mobile device users? Here are a few tips: 

  • Make emails mobile friendly – Contrary to what you may believe, people are still using email. Instead of reading messages on desktops, however, they're using their smartphones. Make sure that anything that you send is easy to read on most devices.
  • Optimize your website for mobile devices – While creating a mobile version of your website is an easy route to take, consider a responsive design, as it will look consistent across all devices. 

If you are serious about pursing mobile marketing solutions, it's not a task that small business owners need to do all on their own. Partnering with an internet marketing firm like KeyMedia Solutions may be beneficial.