With mobile device use at such a high, your company can't afford to ignore the possibilities of small business online marketing. It might seem that with the amount of attention on it, customers have already seen it all. Yet that's just not true, according to a recent article by Venture Beat, which shows how some major companies have found success in marketing. It doesn't necessarily require left-field ideas, but just creative uses of given tools.

The article in question, which makes reference to a climb in mobile display ads of more than 87 percent last year, covered a panel at a MobileBeat conference that featured several speakers discussing mobile ad strategies. One of the panelists, Bonin Bough, of a company owned by Kraft Foods, described his opinion of mobile options and banner advertising in particular.

"This is the biggest revolution we have to connect with consumers, and big brands haven't put enough pressure on our executives and partners to measure it," Bough said."I don't think banners are bad, but how do we create utility that actually matters, so people actually care about it?"

That's the question: making targeted online advertising initiatives that will register in a world where consumers see so much. Another Venture Beat article cites a jump of more than 100 percent in mobile revenue from 2011 to 2012, according to data pulled from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

In other words, the time is ripe. Businesses shouldn't be afraid to think of "hooks" or other design choices that will make their own efforts stand out. For the right brand of ingenuity and skill, companies can contact Key Media Solutions.