While television, print and radio have always – and probably will continue to be – the main sources of major corporations advertising budgets, many are starting to shift their attention toward digital marketing strategies.

In fact, according to AdAge, digital advertising campaigns sell as well or better than many TV campaigns. This has created a near tripling of digital advertising budgets at major corporations such as Proctor & Gamble, Unilever and L'Oreal over the past couple years.

"Now we are embracing digital media a different way, which is a space made of conversation," said Laurent Faracci, the general manager of Reckitt Benckiser, to AdAge. "We need to understand what are these conversations and how can we be part of them."

But, while larger corporations are beginning to make the shift toward digital campaigns, internet marketing for small businesses is a slightly different ball game. According to a press release from WebTrafficToolkit.com – a web marketing resource site – businesses should be approaching targeted internet marketing campaigns from various angles and tracks.

Utilizing a daily business blog is an excellent way to engage and retain customers as well as, potentially, attract new ones into the fold. Blogs will also allow companies to retain higher Google search results, as the search engine's new updates benefit those with more dynamic content.

Furthermore, blogging, and social media and even press releases are excellent tools for internet marketing but, they should not be used in exclusion of each other. Instead, companies and digital advertising agencies should use all of these platforms to their advantage with marketing campaigns. This will allow them to not only generate more content, but also engage with customers in various ways that require more participation on their part.

With more and more businesses of all sizes beginning to embark on digital marketing campaigns, companies that are not yet using the internet to its full potential may be falling by the wayside as competitors find newer and wider markets through the digital marketing.