"Skyfall", the most recent James Bond film, is being lauded by many critics as the best installment in the 60-year-old film series – and fans are proving that with their box office choices. James Bond's films have always used technology and its effect on the way individuals perform their jobs and go throughout their days a major theme in its stories.

Just like the newest technology has allowed James Bond to complete his job, so too has it given businesses the ability to promote themselves and increase brand awareness, according to Entrepreneur.

One of the key components of James Bond's tactful style is that he is equipped with the latest and greatest technological gadgets, as provided by the venerable character Q. But, while 007 may have the best exploding pens and ejector seats, most of his crowning moments result from standard espionage work. Bond doesn't rely on his gadgets too heavily to accomplish the mission.

The same can be said for small businesses, according to the source. While it's important for each company to be able to effectively use the latest technology in internet marketing, it's also critical that they aren't dependent on these tools. Although a targeted internet marketing campaign should have a main, driving element, it should have various components that allow consumers of all types to be engaged.

By using both new media elements – such as Facebook and Twitter – but also tried-and-true methods such as banner displays and digital videos, companies can create a well-rounded small business internet marketing campaign. For companies that wish to develop these campaigns, partnering with an experienced digital advertising company may be the best decision.