Big data has become a necessary asset for any small business. Whether they use it for monitoring sales, payroll or customer information, in this increasingly digital age, companies are now finding it critical to use enormous amounts of data to help create better business decisions.

But, when it comes to small business internet marketing campaigns, big data and marketing analytics can get a little tricky. With so many avenues and platforms available for companies to market themselves on the internet, there's also an exponential amount of data points and statistics that will need to be measured and analyzed in order to understand just how engaging a targeted internet marketing campaign really is.

While many small businesses may think they can accomplish this assessment on their own, iMedia Connection says there are a number of mistakes companies may make that can cause them to lose sight of the advantages this information has to offer.

According to the source, one of the most common analytics mistakes is using unorganized data. In the world of "big data," it's critical that businesses are able to keep the plethora of information in order and organized. While many small businesses may think that an Excel spreadsheet can be enough to analyze these statistics, it is often very hard to effectively measure the amount of tweets, Facebook likes, clicks, conversions and unique website visitors in a way that informs the company of how well it's advertising itself.

Furthermore, this DIY method may also cause the company to lose scope of exactly how complex analytics can be. In order to really understand big data and analytics, a business will need to measure and analyze a business's online converters and non-converters, and use this raw data as a way to make more well-informed decisions.

Whereas, by partnering with an experienced digital advertising agency, a company can focus more on providing an excellent product to its increasing customer base with a group of professionals accurately analyzing the data and turning it into actionable decisions.