The newest and fastest-growing social media platform is also one of the least understood. Due to its relatively young age, compared to the more established Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is something most companies haven't quite figured out how to use for their small business internet marketing. But, before they can start pinning and placing things on their corporate corkboard, these companies may want to consider a few things, according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

In order to successfully use Pinterest, companies first need to define their ideal client. By knowing exactly what person or demographic they are trying to reach, companies can more efficiently attract them through targeted internet marketing campaigns and retain them as loyal customers.

In addition to understanding the ideal client persona, it's important to know what the customer wants, especially out of a site as specialized as Pinterest. By knowing what interests their ideal customer, companies will be able to accurately pin images onto their board that attract and engage their clients, creating more interested consumers who are actively involved in the online marketing.

Furthermore, companies will need to find a place where Pinterest will fit in the overall online marketing campaign. Whether it's the main focus – as may be the case for a small jewelry maker or local craftsman – or it takes on a more supportive role as in the case of a consultancy or more corporate company – it's imperative that businesses know where it lies on the spectrum so they understand exactly how much to invest in the platform.

Considering its growing influence and ability to engage users, many companies may want to start using the platform as a means to engage viewers and retain customers. By consulting with an online advertising agency, small businesses can more effectively include this site into its social media portfolio.