One of the main goals of any video advertisement is to resonate with viewers. After all, it's not often that you hear of consumers purchasing a product or service after they watched something that put them to sleep. If you can make your video go viral, you're golden. Simply having that much exposure is bound to boost sales. Interestingly, there's a secret to gaining millions of views, according to Entrepreneur Magazine:

1) Don't be afraid to share

Believe it or not, sharing another company's video can actually benefit your small business. When doing so, remember to be specific. Simply posting a link isn't going to do anything. You want to tell your customers how what they are watching is going to help them. And remember that businesses like to reciprocate. 

2) Ask politely

No one likes to be bombarded with petitions to share your videos, so be careful who and how you ask. Make a list of companies that would not only be most likely to say yes, but those that can benefit from this strategic alliance. Be sure to mention how your video advertisement could help their current and potential customers. Letting other business owners know the value of what you want them to share will increase the likelihood that they heed your request.

3) Contact bloggers and journalists

Many people in the media industry are fairly open to diversifying the content on their pages. Your video ad can do just that. Keep in mind that the person you are contacting may get various pitches a day, so remember to keep it concise and relevant.

However, before taking any of these steps, you have to make sure that your video ads are creative and worth watching. To do that, consider working with a local online marketing agency like Key Media Solutions. For years, we've been helping clients gain the exposure they want by creating custom advertising solutions.