For many small business (SMB) owners across the country, the holiday season, especially November and December, is booming with business. However, as January rolls around, many SMBs find that they aren’t bringing in as much profit as previous months. Luckily, there are some things that both employees and executives can do to keep their companies moving during this slow season.

Entrepreneur Magazine says you may want to consider:

1) Taking a poll
January is the perfect time to ask customers what is important to them. Inquire potential and current clients about what direction they would like to see your SMB take in 2013. By catering to your customers’ desires, you can forge lasting business relationships.

2) Networking
Networking can mean a lot of things, but it doesn’t merely denote using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. As an SMB executive, take the time to attend networking events in your area, or better yet, invite prospective clients and other small business owners to a function that you are hosting. After all, the more people you know, the bigger your consumer base becomes.

3) Researching ways to cut cost
Does your company have a phone or internet bill that seems unusually high? If so, spend time trying to trim back costs. Often, SMB owners spend more money than they would like to on everything from shipping to copying expenses. During the time that you are waiting for business to pick back up again, see where your company can save some money.

Another smart way to increase business is to revamp your advertising strategy. To do that, consider reaching out to a local online marketing agency. Experienced representatives can walk you through the importance of an effective marketing campaign and can help you with mobile app development and ad production, both of which are critical to a successful company.