If you as a business owner aren't already vaguely aware of a Klout score, it is a number that is created to measure a person or company's influence over others. It does so by using information from social networks, which measure three key factors: "true reach," "amplification" and "network impact."

True reach is, of course, the number of people you influence, while amplification is how much you influence them. Network impact is a larger measurement of your overall influence on the community, as a result of your content, interaction and presence.

The reason why Klout in particular is helpful for companies is that it can be used after a targeted internet marketing campaign or targeted internet advertising campaign, to determine whether or not your company's content has increased the level of consumer engagement and response.

According to writer and digital media expert, Alex Lightmann, Klout is important because it measures interaction more than just numbers or supposed credibility.

"We don’t have to use the logical fallacy of deferring to authority," said Lightmann in an interview with Forbes. "Just because someone’s from MIT doesn’t mean they know something up-to-date on a particular subject. Now we have a fair and objective way to see who gets a shot."

Klout has also just recently launched a new type of brand page, known as "brand squads," which measures influential companies and rewards them for increasing their levels of influence.

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