“Once you’ve created your content, there’s a lot of things you should be doing with it.”

– Tyler Garns


During my time at the 2016 ICON event for small businesses, one of the pressing issues that many of the attendees faced in their businesses was this – they would create good quality content that they thought would generate leads, but instead of driving traffic to their site or increase the amount of downloads, it would fail to reach the right people fast enough or often enough to be effective.

In today’s blog, I want to take some time to talk about the available options you have when it comes to promoting content. The important part that I want to make clear right away is that content promotion is an option no matter what your budget is. Through unpaid posting best practices or developing a solid Remarketing campaign, successful content promotion relies on tools available to everyone. Let’s talk about what you can start doing right now to make sure that the knowledge and passion you’re putting into creating quality content is producing the results you want.

ICON Blog Series Recap

This being my third and final blog about my experiences at ICON, I want to brush up on everything that we’ve covered so far. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read my two other blogs about my time in Arizona. In my first blog, I talk about the strategy Tyler Garns used to generate over 25,000 leads per month and outline helpful resource you can use to target more customers. In part two, I explain the difference between direct response marketing and branding. I also include Ryan Deiss’s 4 method of branding that tell you how to get your customers’ attention.

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Unpaid Content Promotion

You’re the master of your business. You know what it takes to be success and it’s about time that everyone else knows it too. So you take time out of your busy day to write blog posts, whitepapers, checklists, case studies, and lots of other content in the hope that you can generate interest and leads for your business – great!

Now that you have this great content, you want to start promoting it to new customers, but maybe you don’t have enough budget set aside to push your content out. Here are some easy unpaid content promotion tips that you can use today to help get your content seen by possible customers.

Be SEO Conscience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of gaining new website traffic from organic search results on search engines. When developing your content, keep these few things in mind you give your content every chance to perform well in search engine results.

  • Make sure your content is keyword rich. There is however, a balance between not enough keywords and too many keywords. Finding that balance and creating content that focuses on a keyword centered topic will increase its attention by search engines.
  • Post on multiple channels. Posting your content on different social media platforms, emails, and on your site will increase its reach. This will have a positive effect on your search results as well.

Speak to Influencers

You don’t have to fight this battle alone. Asking people to engage with your content by having them like and share it will open your business up to the audience who follow that publisher. This can be a great way to generate attention for your content.

  • Ask for an influencer’s quote to include in your content. Resources like BuzzStream and Buzzsumo are available to look up top influencers based on specific keywords. Asking them for a quote by email or social media can be a dynamite addition to your content.
  • Mention influencers when you post. Once your content is published, share it on social media and mention the influencers you used in the content. Some of them will like or re-share it.
  • Ask them to share. Sometimes the best way to get influencers involved is to simply ask them to share your content. Connect with them on LinkedIn or email them to ask for their participation.

Ask to Guest Post

If you’ve established yourself as an industry expert, there’s no reason why you can’t ask to speak out on other sources. Other sites or blogs might have a larger following and posting on these sites can increase the reach of your content.

  • Get to know the blog’s content. If you want to ask to guest post, make sure that your content will flow well with their previous content.
  • Check to see if sites have other guest posts. If they do, see how other guests formatted and structured their material. Familiarizing yourself with their blog history will be important when introducing yourself.
  • Find out what posts do best. To give you the best chance as getting your post request accepted, find out what topics generate the most traffic for them.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the available options and best practices that you can start using today to boost the attention of your content. You can also check out other blogs on our site related to content to get even more ideas to promote your content.

Paid Content Promotion

Now that you’ve been actively engaged with promoting your content through unpaid practices, you’re beginning to see more traffic to your site and a higher engagement with your content. Because of this, you decided to invest some of your marketing budget into paid content promotion. Let’s take a look at some good starting points for your business.

Starting a Remarketing Campaign

Put your content in front of people who are already interested in your business. A Remarketing campaign identifies each unique IP address that enters the site, then follows these users when they leave serving them ads with links to your site or content. This campaign puts your business top-of-mind to customers willing to engage with your content.

Promote on Social Media

Whether you’re posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another social platform. Social Media Marketing offer paid promotional options to extend the reach of your content to targeted audiences.

  • On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you have the option to boost or promote your posts to targeted audiences. That advantage of these options by promoting successful content to possible customers who find the information helpful or useful.
  • Decide which platform works best for your business. Often times some social platforms will work better for certain industries. Find out which platform works best for you and allocate more money to pushing content out on that platform.

Paying to promote your content is a highly effective way to reach more leads and the options I outlined above are only a few of the options available to you. If you’d like to learn more about putting together a customer media strategy to promote your business and content, make sure to contact us today.

Start Promoting

Creating content can be a difficult thing to do. It takes time, energy, and research to create content that speaks to the right audience. If you’ve taken the time to produce quality content that can display the expertise of your business, make sure that people know about it. Promoting your content, whether by paid or unpaid practices, is the first step in establishing your business as the go-to industry expert.

My experience at ICON was a great opportunity for me to learn from experts who have research, tested, and applied these practices for years. My three-part blog series is available on the KeyMedia Solutions’ website if you’d like to learn more about my best take-aways. If you’d like to speak with a member of our team about starting your own Online Marketing campaign, click here to contact us today.

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