Earlier this month, San Diego, California hosted a four day event that was attended by over 130,000 visitors. Over the course of four days, the San Diego Convention Center was filled with everything from movie stars to space aliens; of course I’m talking about the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. Looking past all the fans, costumes, and makeup, this massive culmination of comic book and science fiction enthusiasts is a place where specialized businesses of all shapes and sizes gather together and showcase their unique products.

Having a prime booth location in a convention where thousands of people walk by your business day after day is a great opportunity to gain new customers. However, in such a large convention, your booth is competing for attention. What is going to make people stop walking, look at your product, and make a purchase? The answer might not be as difficult as you would think.

Search Engine Land Columnist Gregg Gifford was lucky enough to attend this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and take part in the fan frenzy four day festival. While at the event, Gifford visited hundreds of different booths and noticed that many of the local businesses were failing to connect with their customers because of simple marketing practices. In his recent article, Gifford points out different marketing mishaps at the 2015 Comic-Con and provides six tips for businesses to make sure they are delivering the right information to possible customers.

Comic-Con might not be the first place businesses besides comic book stores would think to look at for marketing advice, but if we look at the similarities between Comic-Con and events like trade shows, the insights can provide valuable marketing takeaways for any business.

Comic-Con, like trade shows, are a chance for businesses to speak, in person, to their target audience. The people who attend conventions and expos are the people willing to take the time and learn more about your business or product. Making sure you stand out in the crowd and give your customers the right information could lead to new and profitable business.

6 Marketing Lessons from Comic-Con

Number One

Make sure you have a website. Many of the booths Gifford visited were advertising URLs on their banners which lead to eBay accounts. In a busy convention setting, you may not be able to speak with everyone walking by your booth; a quality website should provide them with the information they need to look more into your business.

Number Two

Create a mobile-friendly website. If customers want to visit your website, make sure they can easily access it through their mobile device. According to Pew Research Center, 64% of American adults own smartphones. A mobile-friendly site will allow new customers to easily learn about your business as they walk around the convention.

Number Three

Think about the user experience when designing your site. Gifford points out that many of the businesses at Comic-Con had websites with outdated design layouts and content from four to five years ago. The design of your website should be easily accessible by visitors and have the most up-to-date information about your business.

Number Four

Make sure your email address uses your site’s domain name. This will make your business look more professional and be an easy branding tool for your business. It’s also a great way to showcase your site’s URL.

Number Five

Use a local phone number. Many of the Comic-Con booths, Gifford points out, were advertising 800 numbers. Using local area codes in large conventions will attract customers from the same area.

Number Six

Make finding your business on Social Media easy. Whether it’s on your banner, business cards, or fliers, make sure your URL is located somewhere. Gifford saw different examples where he received business cards with only Social Media logos. Eliminate the guessing for your customers, tell them exactly where to find you.

Online Advertising connects businesses to a global community. For local business, this idea of a national or global image can drive them away from the fundamental principles of establishing a creditable online existence. Whether your business has a booth in a convention or is sponsoring a golf tournament, 5K run, or any local event, make sure your company’s information is well represented through a quality website that is mobile-friendly, designed to optimize the user experience, and easily accessible for your customers.

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