Consumers are constantly on their mobile devices throughout their daily lives. Location-based marketing, such as Geofencing, is an effective way to capture the attention of potential consumers at the perfect time. Whether you are looking to increase sales at your own locations, or bring in consumers from competitor location, Geofencing allows you to reach that perfect target. With mobile usage and engagement continuing to grow, now is the perfect time to incorporate a location-based tactic into your 2017 marketing plan.

In today’s infographic, we discuss the basics of Geofencing and how it can be used for your business.


Mobile engagement is continuing to evolve and your marketing should reflect that. In this changing landscape, tactics like Geofencing, allow businesses to stay in front of customers in a unique and effective way.

If you’re interested in running a Geofence campaign in 2017, we would love to talk with you! To learn more about Mobile Marketing, download our Mobile Advertising Whitepaper below.