Few things are worse than discovering that the local online marketing company you are working with has been lying to you. After all, not only is this type of business relationship often pricey, but it can be time consuming. If you have an inkling that your advertising agency has been dishonest with you in any way, then it is time to start reconsidering your partnership with them.

Here are some tell-tale signs that it may be time to say goodbye to the firm you are working with and hire a new one, courtesy of iMedia Connection, a media and marketing information website:

1) Your advertising agency promises to make something go "viral"
It's every small business owner's dream to hear that their online marketing company is going to make their campaign go "viral." However, in most cases, those that do go "viral" are completely by chance. Promising these kind of results is a red flag that something isn't right.

Your advertising agency shouldn't be guaranteeing you that you'll achieve overnight success, but rather work with you to identify and maximize your company's core strengths.

2) Your online agency says "Yes" to everything
Although the saying goes, "The customer is always right," your online advertising agency should be honest with you at all times. Occasionally, that means letting you know that your request may not be appropriate for the goals of your small business. Any business that has your best interests in mind will do this, even if it isn't what you want to hear.

If you want to establish a partnership with a small business online marketing firm that is honest and will work with you to achieve your goals, then contact Key Media Solutions. When you speak with an agent, you can discuss various topics ranging from website optimization to ad production.