Even if you didn't have a name for it, you've probably engaged in the second screen phenomenon – actively using your mobile device or computer while watching television. It's likely that you've looked up information about a company after seeing a commercial, or commented on Facebook about it. This is a common occurrence in many households across the nation, and many advertisers are taking note. 

In an article on Business2Community.com, Christine Oliveri, vice president of marketing at I.Predictus, wrote that "second screening" has led companies to develop new ways to reach consumers

"Smart brands today need to play right into consumers' hands (literally) and embrace these new media consumption habits," wrote Oliveri. "Strategies, including dedicated hash-tags, smartphone and tablet apps, as well as bonus mobile content, are already becoming the new norm."

She noted that the problem that many companies face when trying to reach consumers through mobile advertising is falling into the trap of running different campaigns for each medium. According to Oliveri, businesses should create a consistent message with the same look and feel across the board. While you may think that second screen consumption divides the attention of consumers, it may actually give you the ability to engage in much more targeted internet marketing

Second-screen marketing can enable small businesses to spend less attracting the customers that they want the most. Companies that want to stay ahead of their competitors and find success in an ever-changing marketing environment would be wise to partner with an internet marketing firm such as Key Media Solutions.