The word "contagious" often conjures images of sickness and other problems that you don't want to be around, but in the world of digital marketing, "contagious" is definitely a positive adjective to describe your content. So how do you make your banner or video ads something that viewers want to share with their friends or colleagues?

A new infographic from suggests that marketers consider the following factors to develop contagious content:

  • Emotion – Whether it's joy, sadness, anger or humor, content that evokes deep emotional responses will have people talking.
  • Narrative – Your content will be discussed more when there is a compelling story behind it.
  • Observability – Banner ads don't necessarily need to be outlandish or intrusive, but they need to be visible. The design elements of your content need to stand out and encourage the viewer's curiosity.
  • Social currency – Consumers are more likely to share information that makes them look special or feel like an insider. Consider a marketing strategy that gives your audience a sense of exclusivity.
  • Triggers – Daily reminders can influence the choices that people make. Linking your product or service to activities that people engage in everyday can boost your exposure.
  • Value – Does your content offer the viewer anything? The more useful your ad or video is, the more likely it will be seen by individuals outside of your targeted audience.

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