In order to best take advantage of local online marketing opportunities, companies should be prepared to reach their target and convert them quickly with advertising that speaks to them. But what makes a personally tailored ad most effective?

CMS Wire provides some easy-to-understand adjectives that should apply to whatever advertisement strategy you choose. One of these is simplicity, an obvious but essential facet that can help determine exactly which direction companies take their initiatives in. If an ad on a mobile device is difficult to read, overly complicated, or worse, incompatible with users' portable devices, they will be much less likely to engage with it.

Another key tenet the source proposes is the consideration of a consumer's personal surroundings, which can be of particular interest for those using mobile marketing tools. This doesn't just mean location, but also the use of the device accessing the ads itself. What's most useful about this is the way a company can encourage users to integrate their own material with the ads.

"For example, entice people to capture images of what is around them through the portable camera feature in exchange for more information and then use augmented reality to overlay it with marketing materials such as customer reviews or promotions," author Jennifer Wise writes.

While users can approach mobile marketing strategies from whatever angle is most useful to them, some basic concepts can help keep local online marketing strong. Businesses can turn to Key Media Solutions for answers when it comes to these areas and feel secure that the right message is being seen by your consumers.