Key Media Solutions is proud to announce that our "The Right Clicks" ad has won an honorable mention in the rich media display category of Digital Marketing Remix's inaugural Remixer B2B Display Advertising Awards. Digital Marketing Remix is a website that keeps B2B marketers up to date with the latest digital trends. In addition to the rich media category, the awards also recognize the best examples of B2B traditional static advertising. 

The ads were judged based on the five basic elements of effective internet marketing advertising: intriguing visual, interesting headline, to-the-point message, successful logo placement and a gripping call-to-action. 

Key Media Solution's 728×90-pixel rich media ad was praised for having a "clear and compelling message." The ad opens with a panel with icons depicting eight people being reduced by half. The image is accompanied by the phrase "Not just clicks," which then turns into "the right clicks." The last panel gets straight to the point: "Use your marketing dollars to find the most relevant lead."

"When people discuss online display advertising, creative is often an afterthought," said Sean Callahan, editor of the Digital Marketing Remix, in a press release. "But the winning ads in the first-ever Remixer B2B Display Advertising Awards demonstrate that great creative is a huge part of putting together display advertising campaigns that work. The Remixer Awards are giving great B2B display creative the spotlight it deserves."

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