The number of users online has dramatically grown since the internet first began as a single site in 1991. With such a high number of internet users, the challenge of finding potential customers can be tough, but Eric Siu of recently offered some tips.

Social Networking Sites

Social media and blogs account for 23 percent of the time users spend online. Accordingly, it’s likely that the buyers you’re trying to target are on social-networking sites. As a business, it is important to keep up with social networking demographic trends.

“Of course, the recent flight of teenagers from Facebook demonstrates that not all demographics participate equally on each of these popular sites,” Siu writes. “If you want to know where your specific buyers are, you need to familiarize yourself with the group-usage statistics associated with each platform.”

The Pew Research’s “Social Media Update 2013” offers some helpful demographic insights. It includes data from Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, among other social networking platforms. However, rather than serving as a definitive guide, these numbers are intended to illustrate where you should begin engaging with prospective customers.

Authority blogs

Authority blogs offer another way for your business to target potential buyers. Nearly every industry has authority bloggers. Once you identify the ones popular in your niche, you automatically create opportunities for connecting with customers. Your business can submit guest posts, run display ads or respond to readers’ questions in the comment’s section. A display advertising company can assist you with these tasks.

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