Companies that want to create strong, targeted internet marketing campaigns that will grab hold of customers' attention need to listen to what their audience actually wants. Businesses need to spread their message while still adhering to what prospective shoppers care about. At the same time, organizations have to find the best ways to reach customers without becoming annoying.

For example, the General Mills' cereal Cheerios made headlines not too long ago for a commercial it launched that featured an interracial family. The ad stayed true to Cheerios' long-running Heart Healthy campaign, but some viewers were upset by the chosen actors portraying a family. However, company officials said that a majority of consumers were positive.

A Business 2 Community article commented on the situation, saying that the cereal company took a risk and received minor backlash, but it was able to hold strong in its original message.

"Even with the vitriol directed at the ad, Cheerios believes that giving in to that kind of criticism would be a bad move," the article said. "Ultimately, Cheerios stands by its ad, despite ruffled feathers – because for this company, the benefits of representing the changing face of what a family looks like outweigh the risks."

According to a recent Inc. Magazine piece, businesses must also find the right balance between advertising to customers and spamming them. Bad press could result if organizations have complicated ways for customers to unsubscribe from things like email blasts. Mobile display ads, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing campaigns all have the ability to be extremely successful. But, if companies do not take care to create targeted campaigns, their local online marketing could falter.

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