Location-based marketing may soon become one of the most dominant forms of this medium, a recent report from Business Intelligence indicated. According to the source, the amount spent on local ads may total more than $16 billion come 2017, more than double the amount of its counterpart. A well-informed local online marketing group can take advantage of this to craft a strong plan for your business with substantial results.

The same article offered other evidence that suggests a developing industry: A survey cited by the report noted that more than 90 percent of a group of 400 executives expressed an interest in expanding in local, and another claims such strategies yield double the results of more traditional efforts.

But more than this, the report showed that data derived from users' locations can be a boon for real-time advertising by targeting a smaller, but more likely and engaged audience close to your business. And as other connected devices become increasingly normalized as a way of making purchases, it's possible this will become a lasting solution, particularly as a means of compensating for other means of collection, like cookies.

Understanding the different attributes that can lead to viable marketing information can help in the construction of a more effective small business internet marketing plan. Key Media Solutions can provide the knowledge needed to differentiate a campaign and make the best decisions when it comes to changing technologies.