Many small business owners may feel like the best way to compete against their larger competitors is to invest in an online marketing strategy that utilizes SEO. After all, low-cost digital marketing, when managed effectively, can allow savvy owners to outmaneuver businesses with larger budgets, as a great SEO strategy is built upon nuance. ​Unlike TV, radio and traditional print advertising,a great SEO strategy is built upon nuance effectively leveling the playing field –   companies capable of funding big campaigns no longer have the advantage.

With SEO marketing, small businesses are often able to target the money they spend to yield better results, honing in for example on repeat customers instead of casual consumers.

Still, the experts at Search Engine Watch indicate that small business owners who take on the added task of managing their local online marketing may not be taking the steps they need to secure long-term SEO growth.

For example, owners who take on this task themselves need to ensure they can create company-wide SEO guidelines that are built around certain key indicators like keyword balance and on-page optimization. In addition, these guidelines need to trickle down through the business to all those who will be managing or working with the company's online SEO marketing.

According to the source, crafting this sort of strategy also takes training. And with Google updating its algorithms on an almost monthly basis, these training documents need to be refined and constantly restocked with relevant new examples.

As a result, small businesses in the Midwest may benefit from hiring an outside internet advertising agency. By working with professionals who are constantly up to speed on these changes, small business owners can ensure their SEO strategy is able to adapt so that it can not only provide immediate returns through new business leads and sales, but also long-term benefits such as increased visibility and reputability.