When it comes to marketing campaigns, companies often find themselves on one end of a spectrum. They're either far too soft or hard with their selling tactics. According to Inc. Magazine, many consumers know when companies are not being genuine with their sales tactics and are just simply trying to illicit money from them. When it comes to marketing, companies must perform a high-wire act between being manipulative and authentic, between selling a product or a solution to a problem, which, according to news source, may be the best bet for most companies.

"I've found that copy is actually queen and strategy is king, and together they are the key to creating strong and effective results," says Lisa Manyon, an author and marketing consultant, to Inc. "The best copy in the world won't work if you don't have a strategy in place. But, when a so-called marketing success formula doesn't feel right to the business owner, it's very difficult to create an effective message or strategy."

In order for companies to create an effective small business internet marketing campaign that draws consumers in while also seeming genuinely authentic, they will need to first acknowledge and understand the challenges their key demographics face. This comes through the marriage of content and strategy.

Then they will need to offer the appropriate solution for the challenge. By coming from a place of service rather than a business looking to create revenue and make money, the company and consumer will create a balanced relationship.

Businesses should then invite consumers to purchase or check out the company's products, rather than going for a hard sell. This has also been referred to as a "call to action" and is imperative for any websites or digital marketing campaigns as well.