It's not just holidays, festivals or other planned sporting engagements like the Olympics that can govern the way people travel and where they go. An event of major political significance can also be something that inspires a sudden interest in another country and encourages curious parties to investigate, and targeted online advertising can be created that capitalizes on this desire. 

An unavoidable staple of recent headlines has been the Royal Birth of the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William of England, George Alexander Louis. Though the event itself is over, it made such a large cultural impact worldwide that it's not surprising  that some followers of the event are interested in making the journey to the U.K. 

Local businesses are using the occasion as a selling point. The International Business Times reported that one booking agency saw flights to London jump 17 percent in the days leading up to the event.

Though the city has many famous historic attractions to boast of, a representative of its official tourism organization, Julie Chappel, told the Times that the international appeal of the country's royal family makes this a particularly viable moment for the city in terms of appealing to visitors.

"Already this year we have witnessed record tourist numbers coming to London and the capital is still obviously benefiting from a post-Olympics bounce," Chappel said.

Not only can your local business internet marketing strategy take advantage of current centers of interest, with the help of Key Media Solutions, it can play off of events near where your specific location.