When mobile device users are searching for something on the web, they're often looking for nearby places that can provide the product or service that they need. To attract this growing group of consumers, small businesses should strongly consider adding location-based marketing to their web strategy. 

Here are a few ways to bring new customers to you, while you promote your brand: 

  • Check-ins – When customers "check in" to your store or business using sites like Facebook or Foursquare, this information gets shared with individuals in their social media networks. To capitalize on these services, consider offering discounts or rewards for individuals who announce publicly that they are at your location. 
  • Mobile coupons – Daily deal websites like Groupon and LivingSocial can bring in many new customers. With mobile GPS technology, these services can do even more by alerting consumers of sales or specials that may be found at businesses nearby. 
  • Register with directories – Large search engines have map features that will show customers how to get to the businesses that meet their query description. You should make sure that your company is listed in these directories and confirm that all pertinent information (address, phone, hours of operation) is up to date. 
  • SMS marketing – This can be tricky, as people are less likely to give away their cell phone number to a marketer than their email address. Individuals who opt in to services like Thumbvista and AT&T alerts receive notifications when a business that fits their interests is currently running a promotion. 

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