As 2013 rapidly approaches, many small business owners are preparing to evaluate their progress over the past year and determine what changes they should make going forward. There are a number of growing trends in online marketing that every proprietor should consider when developing their strategies for next year.

If this year was any indication, mobile will continue its domination of the market. In October, TechCrunch reported that smartphones had passed a huge marker: more than 1 billion are now in use worldwide. With one in every seven people using these devices, and usage expanding exponentially, it only makes sense to "have an app for that."

Whatever your business, it's certain that your website will benefit from being optimized for use on a cell phone or having a dedicated application for your product or service. And by engaging your potential customers in this medium, your business will be, quite literally, at their fingertips at every moment.

Advertising on mobile is also a fast-growing market, as gaming and entertainment applications look for revenue streams.

However, developing personalized software and optimizing your site's structure for mobile can be a challenge for any business owner. That's where Key Media Solutions comes in.

Our experts can provide you the marketing tools you need to expand your business, whether it's a mobile application or targeted online advertising campaign. With 15 years in the online marketing field, we offer both innovative and time-tested strategies and have achieved success in an array of industries.

By getting ahead of the mobile marketing trend, your business has the potential to capture a higher market share, sending you well on your way to success in 2013. Tomorrow we'll discuss another of our top trends for online marketing in the New Year.