It's still very much true that social media is on the rise. All of the marketing giants advise that their clients engage customers through this medium, and they're very right to do so.

Social media is still a burgeoning marketplace for businesses, as more and more owners get online and educate themselves about Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the array of other websites engaging Americans young and old.

Experts forecast that in 2013, there will be social TV, social shopping and social news among myriad other shifts in the demographics of users and means of communication with clients.

Additionally, social media's prevalence in Americans' daily lives will continue to grow. According to Mashable, a social media news source, released a study in November showing that social media now represents 18 percent of the total time we spend online – double the percent in 2006.

The numbers just keep going up. According to the site, more than half of Americans now have at least one social media profile. Only 24 percent had one in 2006. And there's every indication that this area's influence on consumer habits is on the rise as well. 

Think that because you're targeting an older demographic that social media isn't relevant to your business? Think again. The Mashable study reported that one of the two fastest-growing groups on social media were those over age 55.

By working with an experienced local online marketing agency in 2013, you can revitalize your company's presence on the web and take advantage of these rapidly growing marketplaces. Through a multi-pronged approach to advertising, social media and search engine optimization, you can ensure that your business's footing is firmly in the 21st century.