As small businesses finalize their 2014 internet marketing strategies, they should spend time thinking about how they will attract Millennials, according to Elizabeth Harz, Vice President of Business Development for Chegg – an online marketplace for textbooks and other academic materials. In recent interviews with Mobile Marketing Watch (MMW) and The Makegood, Harz discussed the following reasons why Millennials must be reached in new and creative ways: 

Millennials are their own brand

Accoording to Harz, young people expect to be able to customize anything – from the food they eat to the manner in which they receive advertising. 

"Appealing to the 'Made to Order' generation doesn't have to eat into margin," Harz told MMW. "In fact, small tweaks with product offerings and great marketing can acquire new millennial customers and the friends, tweens, parents and neighbors they influence."

Social networking is not the sole destination for Millennials

While the majority of young adults use Facebook, Harz says that they are finding equal use for platforms such as Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. Good targeted internet marketing will involve companies paying close attention to these new networks of communication. 

Television is not a stationary object

Among individuals under 30, traditional television viewing has been on the decline, while the use of services like Netflix – often on mobile devices – has been increasing. When consumers are getting their media from places other than the TV or desktop computer, it's essential for brands to rethink how they will reach them. 

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