Marketers in the Business to Business (B2B) space continually struggle to consistently see results and Return on Investment from their marketing efforts. We all know consumers more and more are turning online for research, advice, and ultimately purchasing, but B2B buyers follow this trend as well.

It’s reported that 94% of B2B buyers conduct online research before buying a business-related product. Also, the majority of the buying process (80%) occurs without any direct human-to-human interaction and over half (57%) of the purchase process is complete before buyers contact suppliers directly. On top of all that, 95% to 99% of website visitors leave your website without filling out a form or contacting you.

The number one marketing challenge we hear from businesses today is how to efficiently and cost-effectively reach potential customers. We are dedicated to providing solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Enter MasterKey ATA by KeyMedia Solutions.

Identify Invisible Traffic

As a B2B marketer, how awesome would it be to continually provide a list of warm leads to your sales team?!? Not only that, but you can also tell them what products or services these leads are interested in.

Your sales team works their tails off calling on potential customers, and your marketing team pushes your message out to try to stay top of mind. Without a doubt, your potential customers are looking at your website, but probably not reaching out to you or your team.

Using MasterKey ATA, we can provide company info to match with accounts, opportunities, and/or clients when they come to your website and leave without making contact. We are also able to provide the following for this “invisible” traffic on your website: company name, company website, SIC and NAICS industry group, employee range, revenue range, and more. If your team has a watchlist or hotlist, territories, categories, specific sales representatives, etc. we can report on this invisible traffic as well.

Programmatically Adjust Campaign Bidding

With standard digital marketing campaigns, your budget is spent on people who may be a bad fit, not in the market, or not even a real person! With MasterKey ATA, we can programmatically increase or decrease your paid search and retargeting bids depending on the quality of each user individually.

Let’s say your ideal clients are medium-sized businesses within the health care industry with $5 million in revenue, with MasterKey ATA, you can only show your ads to people who are searching for your products or services and fit that profile. If someone searches for your products or services but is from a small business, we can adjust the bid lower or even not show that person an ad at all — in real-time.

Why is this a big deal? MasterKey ATA can provide full B2B attribution for all campaigns, keywords, etc. Wasted ad spend will be reduced or even eliminated. You will win more bids on high-value accounts. And you will see increased conversion rates.

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