To make the most of a small business internet marketing campaign, firms can consider using different social media platforms as way to support existing programs. Some systems might be ideal for dispersing already-made marketing materials into cyberspace. And when certain opportunities arise to encourage small businesses to take part in social marketing services, it can be a chance for such a marketing plan to spread its wings—although companies should make sure they know what they're getting into first.  

To this end, Twitter and Chase are offering small businesses that use the bank's services $1 million in credits to encourage advertising with their platform. The deal was announced on Twitter's blog in a post this Monday by Russ Laraway, the company's Head of Small Business. With a special Twitter account and hashtag being created just for this partnership, it can be seen as something of a marketing campaign for these two entities itself, as this deal is to be supplemented with other live events that will be occurring nationwide.

Back in April, Twitter's ad space became publicly available for any small U.S.-based businesses to use, rather than the "invite-only" clients it had before then. Companies that have already begun targeted online marketing could potentially consider this as a next step if they haven't already.

However, exposure to a potential customer base through mobile may best be achieved through an approach that makes the most of all forms of consumer interaction. A small business internet marketing firm like Key Media Solutions can help companies explore their options and figure out which opportunities are worth the investment.