It's no secret that if you are a small business (SMB) you are always looking for ways to expand your customer base. One of the most effective ways to do that is to engage in mobile display advertising. If you think that this form of marketing isn't going to be popular with companies of all sizes, think again.

Market research enterprise eMarketer predicts that in 2013, more than $2 billion will be spent on mobile advertising. What is also interesting is that businesses are reportedly going to be searching for ways to vary the way in which their ad formats appear to consumers.

One of the many fascinating aspects of mobile marketing is the diverse capabilities of cell phones. These days, mobile devices are equipped with location sensors that can make the ad more germane. But that's not all. Technology has enabled SMB owners to engage individuals through text messaging, camera and touch screen capabilities. This type of advertising has simply made it easier for companies to interact with current and potential customers.

Another form of mobile marketing that is quickly gaining speed is video advertising. This is primarily because cell phones can load videos quicker than ever before and individuals have a predilection toward this type of content, according to eMarketer.

If you are a small business owner and would like to know more about mobile advertising and how it can help boost the number of customers you have, consider contacting internet advertising agencies that specialize in cell phone marketing. These companies can offer your SMB text ads on Android, Apple, Windows and BlackBerry devices with options for click-to-call and even click-to-map features.