Few people would argue that there isn't an app for everything they need. Feel like checking the movie times for that flick you've been wanting to see or refill your prescription in just seconds? Apps can do just about anything, so it is no surprise that these programs are becoming more popular than using search engines and browsers.

ComScore, an internet analytics and marketing company, discovered that consumers spend one out of every $10 on smartphone apps. Although this figure may suggest that mobile internet browsing has become obsolete, the company's Senior Vice President, Mark Donovan, told the public this isn't entirely true. While addressing individuals during a webinar on Wednesday, March 17, he said that mobile browsing is more popular on tablets.

In fact, the research demonstrated that when it comes to smartphones, four out of every fives minutes is spent using a dedicated program as opposed to logging onto a search engine. In January alone, iPhone owners spent 500 minutes using search engines (that number doubled to 1,000 minutes on iPads), but 3,400 minutes on apps. 

Analysts have found that there are specific programs that individuals favor. Around 97 percent of people said they use apps to access social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, followed by 96 percent for services, 95 percent for entertainment and 94 percent for games. 

If you own a company, regardless of what industry you are in, you may want to take advantage of ComScore's findings and formulate an advertising strategy around them.  A local online marketing firm can optimize your website for mobile and redesign it, as well as organize pay-per-click campaigns.