The modern mobile phone user has a variety of different types of applications to keep them engaged with their device, and one industry seems set to grow soon: mobile games. Perhaps your company hasn't considered the benefits of targeted online advertising through mobile games, but they can be a strong means of reaching and engaging customers, especially if information from the research group known as NewZoo is to be believed.

According to the source, the market for gaming on mobile devices will expand in the next three years, resulting in a projected revenue of more than $86 billion, with tablet-based gaming alone estimated to overtake the PC in terms of total market percentage by 2015.    

In addition, another report, this one in an article on PerformanceIn, mentioned that game-based advertising was witnessed by 30 percent of consumers in the younger age bracket. The source further stated that almost half of the subjects polled "stack" different kinds of media simultaneously, i. e. using a computer while watching television.

This is a phenomenon that marketers should take note of, as many so-called "casual games" are designed to be played at any time with easy-to-use controls (although, interestingly enough, this category seems set to shrink by 2016, according to the NewZoo study).

Regardless, using popular games and integrated mobile advertising as a means of targeted internet marketing can help put the focus on a key area of interaction that various users are increasingly attracted to.