For the past few days, over half of the nation has been crippled by an arctic blast, resulting in sub-zero temperatures. School has been canceled in several major cities due to the cold, and emergency management officials have strongly advised that everyone stay indoors unless they are in a life-threatening situation. 

If you're a small business owner, you know that it can be difficult to step away from your operation for even just a day. Fortunately, mobile communications have kept businesses in touch with their customers while keeping all parties safe. 

"Mobile communications save lives in situations like these," said Eric Bolling, a marketer from southern Michigan, to Mobile Marketing Watch. "Avoiding potentially life-threatening conditions while still running your business and handling your marketing will keep people safe in conditions where inclement weather is beyond menacing."

In some parts of the country, these frigid temperatures will remain through the end of the week. Bolling told the source that despite this unprecedented weather, it is not the time for small business owners to take a vacation. If they can operate their organization remotely, he argues, they should do it. 

Bolling added that reaching out to customers during inclement weather is not only about ecommerce and store closures. They should also make an effort to engage in meaningful communications like reminders about weather conditions or relaying safety information from public officials. 

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