You have a phone. I have a phone. We all have phones. For better or worse, it’s the way we communicate with the world. From now on, you’ll have a little noise maker in your pocket. Knowing this, we can start to focus on how to use them for the great opportunities they provide. They allow us to show local and national alerts; check in with work or family; order food at Taco Bell. All of these are great advances in technology. Let’s hold onto these and never let go.

As marketers, we need to learn to tap into this technology. To standout above the fold. To be digital pioneers. With the mobile market growing, there’s been loads of data to drive home the need for a mobile advertising strategy. According to a recent Bank of America report, 35% of Americans say they are checking their phones constantly. That’s huge! Out of 318 million Americans, 111 million are on their phone now and continue to check them frequently. Imagine the possibilities!

This graphic, from the same report, really brings home my point:

Mobile Connection

We are constantly connected to our phones. We use them at the gym, in the office, at the theatre, and while in bed. This is great news for marketers as it provides 24/7 access directly to buyers. The bandwagon has already started – it’s unhitched and careening downhill – jump on before it rolls by you.