Mobile video is the latest avenue that digital marketers are pursuing. Consumers are spending much more time on their smartphones reading, gaming, browsing the web and streaming content. The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) recently released the results of a first-of-its kind Mobile Video Benchmark Study to provide insight to marketers about how consumers are interacting with mobile video.

"This collaboration of MMA members to produce [this study] validates that mobile video is beyond the tipping point," Greg Stuart, MMA CEO said in the report. "We are seeing new behaviors and attitudes develop as mobile becomes validated as the real first screen. It's becoming clearer to us daily that Mobile Video is proving to be a very powerful tool for marketers to tap into the biggest transformation marketing has ever experienced."

Key findings from the report include: 

  • Ad length is important – Viewers are more likely to click through ads that are shorter than 30 seconds. This is true for both ads that can be cut off early, and those that cannot. 
  • Timing plays a role – Among a certain group of consumers, there seems to be high engagement late at night. Completion rates peak for them on mobile and desktop devices. 
  • Users are engaged – According to the study, the click through rate (CTR), is stronger than many other ad formats, with CTR ranging from 1.41 percent to 2.66 percent depending on the ad format. Many viewers are clicking through even when they have the option to end the ad early. 

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